Best Cloud Invoicing Software

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Best Cloud Invoicing Software
No matter whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, budding entrepreneur or well-established industrialist, one crucial element that will keep your business on track is professional and timely invoices. It certainly acts as the catalyst for companies to earn their bread and butter. Since invoicing is routine and unavoidable task, traditional method can turn out to be really cumbersome and might even affect the business productivity. Fortunately, the recent evolution of cloud-based invoicing has cut down the backbreaking paperwork and has made the billing process completely painless and easy. It might be a daunting process to choose among the myriads of pocket-friendly, easy-to-use, quickly deployed and good-looking invoicing apps, thus we have handpicked some best cloud-based invoicing tools that will help to manage your finances and ensure smooth cash flow. You can choose the one that suits best for your business.

1. Billbooks

Create and send estimates and invoices in less than 60 seconds without much fuss with Billbooks. Billbooks offers great blend of speed, usability and exceptional features that will aid your business to get paid faster. Pay per invoice pricing policy, multilingual tool, keyboard shortcuts, customized invoicing, integrated trusted payment gateways are some of the valuable features of this cloud-based invoicing app. With iOS and Android app, invoices can be sent on the go. Billbooks is perfect comrade for freelancers, small businesses, startups, designers, lawyers, content-writers or any person who is self-employed.
I love Billbooks' pricing model and short keys which makes it best invoicing app for freelancers.
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Their cloud invoicing app is very good, fast and intuitive bur Android App is very slow and not intuitive.
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2. Freshbooks

With Freshbooks cloud invoicing software, you can manage your business and expenses from anywhere and at anytime. This billing application will make your business life easier with its amazing features. You can invoice your clients easily, quickly and in a secured manner. Scheduling recurring invoices, accepting online payments, effortless time-tracking, detailed profit and loss statement all such features make Freshbooks helpful billing software for small business and self-employed people.
Freshbook is the Best Cloud Invoicing Software at present. No matter if you are a freelancer, small business owner or hosting company, it has everything you need. I am using it since last 3 years and very happy with it and it's support staff.
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3. Zoho

Monthly time-consuming invoicing can be managed in seconds with Zoho invoice app. With Zoho Invoice, you can design and send professional invoices, track time, automate recurring invoices, set payment reminders and accept online payment, effortlessly. You can invoice your clients on the go with this quick cloud application. Zoho Invoice is easily available on Apple App Store, Google Playstore and Windows Phone Store. This invoicing app can be handy for freelancers and small business owners.
I love Zoho Invoice. It has everything you need. And top of that other Zoho products gives me complete solution to run my business smoothly.
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4. Blinksale

Spend time doing more productive things rather than just invoicing. Much time and effort can be saved with Blinksale online invoicing app. It helps small businesses and creative professionals to send good-looking professional invoices to clients smoothly and quickly. Blinksale offers more than dozens of invoice designs and Thank You notes to impress clients and get paid on time. The app is specially designed and optimized to match the needs of small screen devices.
Blinksale is the best. It has one plan, one price and everything unlimited.
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5. TopNotepad

Manage every aspect of your business. Create invoices and bills. Track payments and business expenses, manage your business leads.Simple to use. One of the coolest user interface I experienced and their invoicing formats are very flexible, try It's not just invoicing with them, they have all of it packed in one: manage clients, manage vendors, expenses tracking, estimates, accounting, CRM, reporting ....
User friendly and very efficient !!
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6. Xero

Create, settle and send invoices, add receipts, bank feeds, manage cashflow all this is possible with Xero – beautiful accounting software. There is no need to wait until you go back to office for sending invoices. With this cloud based invoicing app, you can easily send invoice, irrespective to time and place.
Xero is extremely intuitive in layout and design
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7. Hiveage

Around 50,000 small businesses and freelancers spread in 140 countries use Hiveage and find it handy for invoicing. Right from creating and sending invoices to accepting payments, automatically charging clients to time-tracking, Hiveage is secured cloud-based invoicing software that is just perfect for small biz. Hiveage can be used for free and for advanced services, cost-effective packages are available.

8. Invoiceberry

Invoiceberry is a complete time-saving invoicing app. Small businesses can efficiently stay focused in their work while get the finance management task done by Invoiceberry. This cloud invoicing software is specially designed to match the requirements of small businesses and freelancers. Like most of the invoicing softwares, even Invoiceberry offers exceptional billing features like track expenses, customize invoices, recurring invoicing, track payment, multiple currency features and much more.

9. Pay Panther

Pay Panther is a smart invoicing app that will automate the arduous business process. You can create beautiful invoices, accept online payments, manage customers and projects, view your financial progress and do much more with Pay Panther. This software is versatile and can be used by any type of business however it is ideal for startups, small business, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

10. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is established invoicing software that offers 5 different online accounting packages among which the business can choose that suits them the best. QuickBooks follows a streamlined process that simplifies the invoicing task. Businesses can access their client data easily from anywhere with QuickBooks invoicing app which is available on App Store (for iPhones) and Google Play Store (for Android OS). This cloud-based invoicing app is best for small as well as large businesses.

11. Invoicera

Invoicera offers powerful billing program that is ideal for businesses with global clients. It provides 21 payment gateways which assures with quick payment. Small and medium sized organizations, freelancers, self employed and consultants find Invoicera very helpful.

12. Invoice2go

Invoice2go is easiest yet efficient invoicing software. Though Invoice2go does not possess much beneficial features like other top invoicing apps, its simple billing process makes it popular among the users. Since all the data and figures are backed up to the cloud there is no need to worry about data loss.

13. Wave Accounting

The most difficult business task is just a cakewalk with Wave. It’s effortless to create professional invoices and get paid in no time. Wave accounting offers features like auto payment reminders, recurring invoices, accept payment through credit cards, customized invoices and much more. This software targets work-at-home mothers, real estate agents, self-employed and other such small scale businesses.

14. 1ClickBusiness

15. Harvest

16. Curdbee

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