Best Legendary Heroes In Castle Clash

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Best Legendary Heroes In Castle Clash
Here is list of top Best Legendary Heroes In Castle Clash. You can vote and comment heroes as per your experience with them.

1. Pumpkin Duke

If you got Pumpkin Duke you will be unstoppable! He increases your allies' damage, movement and attack speed.
Pumpkin Duke's skill is the most powerful in the game. PD performs especially well in Arena, Raids, Dungeons, Team Dungeons, Lost Realm and Hero Expedition.
93 7
amazing if not suck ballsack
24 18

2. Skull Knight

Skull Knight is a legendary hero. He has fastest ATK SPD and MOV SPD of all heroes. He has one of the highest amount of HP also.
I have skull knight. He is best hero of castle clash. His ATK SPD and MOV SPD is the best among all heroes.
66 3
skull knight is a awesome fast attacking hero
38 2

3. Grimfiend

Can debuff and has built in lvl8 berserk and when in demon mode is unstoppable and he is a skull knigh killer
This is best legendary hero.i vote this hero because this is best
30 4
He should be to put 5. He hits incredibly fast, heals and buff so himself, high proc dmg and also removes buffs off enemy troops. He takes out teams himself. I recommend this hero to everyone and every team.
9 2

4. Vlad Dracula

He amazing while fighting with boss. He most destructive sole hero in my team.
He is a beast in combat one of the best heroes out there
58 3
Absolutely filthy for here be monsters and destroys raid when coupled with pumpkin duke
18 2

5. Candy Kane

6. Dread Drake

Drake can destroy all buildings in raids and even kill all enemy's hero without close combat.
67 2
Well duh! Should be #5
16 6

7. Ghoulem

I replaced 156 7/10 Druid with 159 6/10 Ghoulem and it allowed me to pass HBM T. If you could only use one or the other I would go Ghoulem
44 4
A strong tough hero.. Very hard to kill him n hardly let ur other hero die with the great healing as well as destructive power along with his high HP in fact the highest hp
12 2

8. Michael

He is an good hero and he is capable to kill any heroes
A good hero to have around especially because his arch angel simply murders anything on sight
17 0
With him being able to summon the archangel I can litterally beat arena teams with level 180 heroes with my team only haveing 2 level 100 heroes (Michael and phantom king) the rest are level 80
7 2

9. Trixie Treat

Amazing, due to summoming pumpkin minions.
18 1
Why so low
Should be top 7
21 4

10. Beast Tamer

Most powerfull hero can destroy whole the base in 5 sec only!!!!!!
18 11
Great how he spawns an beast that fights for him but stays after he dies
11 2

11. Warlock

This troop sucks
33 31
one of the best
17 15

12. Druid

He is best hero in team. He can heal near by allies and increase their attack. With its max ability level he can heal 10 near by allies.
it is best hero in team during raids and arena fight. it heals (increase life) of team member during fight. Always level other heroes to match its move speed.
20 10
Immortel at some situations , I mean can regain strength fast
12 5

13. Orksbane

orksbane is so op
16 11
orksbane has been clearing all the dungeons for me and i think he deserves a higher position in this voting
18 10

14. Santa Boom

I have santa boom and i am using it in raids, dungeon fights and HBM. It is very good in all.
29 2
I think he's in top 10 cos of his process and he has ranged attacks
12 2

15. Anubis

He is an beast from pyramid. Great hero
He and skull knight together is an unstoppable force. Anubis should take pumpkins place as #1. Pumpkin is starting to suck out.
6 1

16. Aries

Aries is one of the best hero in castle clash. He is the best hero for the arena fights. He is also good for raids and dungeons but not for the boss.
18 3
should be pvp hero in the game hands-down
12 1

17. Revenant

i got him in the first roll
he's the king (likely)
9 2
He should be 5
5 4

18. Demogorgon

It is so far one of the top 3 heros you can use. If you have him, use him. If you don't, try to get him.
13 0
Hes the best hero
11 0

19. Lil'Nick

he is very good in HBM and also similar to dread drake. he should be in top 10
nice hero with a bell
9 0
He is an awesome hero with frostbite talent. He should be in top 10
11 0

20. Lady Leo

Leo is best in lost Battle field
6 2
Lady Leo is my favorite legendary it is very strong talent i always level up Lady Leo to 100 level its is amazing heroes
3 1

21. Cupid

Combine her with Pumpkin Duke in the arena battle to win battle.
Cupid and Pumpkin Duke are must have legendary heroes for any fight in Castle Clash.
21 5
People need to stop calling cupid a girl.. it's a male baby. he's very for maxing out pumpkin duke.
22 2

22. Gunslinger

Easily kill your enemies from afar with your invisible warflyers? Seems number one material to me

23. Moltanica

Moltanica has very high health, and her skill is deadly at higher levels, in Arena, HBM, WG and against LR Bosses.
6 0
powerful hbm hero.
7 0

24. Death Knight

You can hire Death Knight by rolling gems . It has very high HP compare to other heroes. His proximity AoE attack and default level 5/5 revive comes in handy in many battles such as arena, HBM, raids, expeditions, dungeons, and Lost Realm battles.
People often forget his special attack will prevent your team from getting stunned once it gets rolling. Mine has life drain 3 and is evolved and can live through more than my Dracula can with bulwark 6. He is always the last one standing in my team!
7 0
My best hero
5 3

25. Harpy Queen

underrated, fantastic in arena, guild wars, and many other game modes.
4 0
Similar to drake but slow atk speed and floating unit. Amazing combo with DD: DD stuns w/ damage, HQ slows down and damages. Killer in arena and Lost realm.
5 0

26. Dracax

He has enormous power, can destroy whole base very fast with any healer.
3 5
In team dungeons if skill high enough hi destroies everything around him with whirling axe
1 0

27. Medusa

This hero is good if u live in dah hood
8 2
she is beast
4 1

28. Arctica

The Arctica is a tank class flying Legendary Hero and cannot be attacked by melee ground troops and the Cannon Tower.
why is arctica so low, there's a reason it's so hard to get...should be top 10.
14 1

29. Phantom King

he is fastest mov spd with skull knight.
good, versatile hero, should be much higher.
14 0
seems awesome at first sight, turns out to do no damage. Only cool because he is a fast floating unit with a proc that goes off way too much :)
3 15

30. Rockno

This guy is hands down the best Raid and Dungeon hero. Obliterates everything in his path by 1500%ATK, decreases energy, heals at the same time by 210%ATK, and is immune to energy loss with fast energy recovery. Why is nobody talking about this guy???

31. Siren

32. Valentina

One of the best pvp heroes in the game and a fantastic hbm hero as well...should be near the top 10.
8 0
Don't know why shea rank 31. As soon as she procs. My team destioys. Ive beatin teams of lvl 160 and have won simplky because her airies and tg alone make it to where no one can do anything. Only hero that has no down side using revife. Better then cupid by a long shot if u alreasy hit damage cap. Shes easily top 10
4 3

33. Thunder God

Thunder God is a good all round hero. He is fantastic for Stunlocking the boss during boss fight. He is very good melee hero for A-J in Here be Monsters, although not present in most advanced players HBM team.
Similar to DD and HQ, TG has a cheap proc that can kill heroes without battling at all. Killer in HBM by shocking all the flying troops.
6 0
inflicts heavy damage and also he can damage many stuff(?) with his powerful lightning
0 1

34. Immortep

This is hero for arena fight. On average it could hit the shrine six times with good amount of damage.
this hero is amazing with vlad
4 0
Amazing hero should be way higher up the list.
6 0

35. Skeletica

all out amazing in arena raiding and dungeons he dominates larger bases hardly stand a chance against this monster but be warned if you use him and stop the game gets 3000 times harder

36. Snowzilla

not very strong considering it's gem-only.
2 2
Even with slow movement speed, great for a tank and killing buildings. Him combined with a cupid or pd can lead to constant snowballs and no more buildings. Good for raids and team dungeons.
1 2

37. Succubus

She is the best hero for arena, only Immortep and Snowzilla can come close to her damage. She damages the shrine by a percentage (max 41%) of the total hitpoints of the shrine.
As per my experience Succubus is a must for attacking, terrible for raiding. Amazing for guild events. what you think?
6 9
only good in arena, and only then at low level...should be very low, probably 3rd to last.
9 0

38. Paladin

i have palading and he always fails on me. he just needs his attributes buffed!
8 1
How did he reach top 18!!!!
12 0

39. Minotaur Chieftain

He is a Tank-class Hero that uses melee attacks. His skill Body Slam damages, stuns and reduces the energy of multiple ground units . The only way to obtain a Minotaur Chieftain currently is when you have accumulated purchase of more than 150,000 Gems. Gems obtained through TapJoy offers, count towards the 150,000 Gems purchased (TapJoy may not be available in all countries).
You're kidding, right...mino is the king of dungeons and raids, as well as being a good pvp hero.
7 0

40. Spirit Mage

His Magic Missile does a large amount of damage to multiple targets, and is capable of wiping out several buildings and Heroes in one attack.
spirit mage sucks so m
uch its not good
3 4

41. Ronin

A better version of ninja. Awesome hero who become invisible to others. Nice hero
HOW IS THIS PERSON LAST!!! He is one of the 'ungetable' heroes in Castle Clash. There is a reason why he is so rare.
6 1

42. Heartbreaker

She can deal ton of damage, heal herself,and she is immune to stuns and fears too.
She really is "a beast". When her ult activates,its just a mayhem,looking at all the rounds going everywhere,destroying everything,while healing her.With her awesome crit chance and damage too,can solo an entire base in raids.
0 0
Heartbreaker, Anubis, and Robin, and Gunslinger should not be in 40th place just cause they are new, all of them can beat entire bases by them selves
1 0

43. Treantaur

Treantaur is a realy good hero for lava island because he can revive your heros
13 1

44. Destroyer

may be hard to get, but it's still a very powerful hero, just out-done by the other heroes you'll have once you spend $1500.
2 0

45. Pixie

if not hit by aries aoe will take off+ off hurting other dudes and healing allys
3 0
Works well with aries
4 0

46. Grizzly Reaper

It is my favourite hero because he looks so powerfull and he kills troops or heroes withouth getting close
6 1
Good sniper for guild wars.
4 0

47. Atlanticore

Atlanticore with its proc can kill all the heros in the game
3 1
Best Lost Battlefield hero in the game except maybe aries.
2 1

48. Ninja

Um well he is really good cause he at level 80 can one shot and arcane tower well mine is and he is really fast
1 0
This hero sucks big time
1 1

49. Champion

He my best for boos 3
3 4
Is really only good in guild boss fights
3 3

50. Mechtessa

newest hero so hard to get like skeletica but put her skill to 5 up then you have a beast she one hitted skull knight and her attack is also aoe damage should be in top 2 above skull knight

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