Skull Knight

Skull Knight is a legendary hero. He has fastest ATK SPD and MOV SPD of all heroes. He has one of the highest amount of HP also.
I have skull knight. He is best hero of castle clash. His ATK SPD and MOV SPD is the best among all heroes.
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skull knight is a awesome fast attacking hero
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Amazing heroe nothing but destruction unstoppable in single combat
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Very good best hero's besides pumpkin duke
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I have himbat l100 sofar and hes the best hero ever he is numb 1. Puy him solo he will own. Put pumkin duke solo. He wil die. Pumkin duke is best hero for teams but thatbdoesnt make him vest hero, skull knight is the best of them all he is 100 then he takesbout l140 heroes easy!!
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We all know the main guy. Beastly.
Goes OK with all talents.
Mines is 7/8 Berserk talent and Scatter crest set.
Crushes the Life Drain Skull Knight
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Simply the best! Use him in raids and he can guarantee 100% destruction ALONE with or without use of magic!!! Any hero out there can do that? This hero must be the NUMBER 1...
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I do like him he is really good I got him with gems you should try it
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Sexy beast
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Skull Knights weak point is his damage which is easily fixed once his proc starts and he becomes the most damaging hero in the game. With the most hitpoints (thanks to his inborn level 8 revive, the fastest attack rate, the fastest movement speed, and a damage cap when on his proc he literally is the best in every category
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